The Best Bodybuilding Protein Pancakes Recipe… YUMMY!

Made this tasty recipe yesterday morning, and they came out so delicious that they deserved to be blogged about here on GymJox.

Yes, please forgive me for the failing to stay on top of my fitness and bodybuilding meal recipe blog posts over the last couple weeks. I promise there will be plenty more workout info posts for you guys from now on, as I was going through a bit of a “horny” spell recently.

But don’t worry, the muscle worship updates aren’t going anywhere either!

Phew, okay… now… back to the pancakes!

Check out this recipe! It’s so easy! And the only three ingredients you will need to prepare it are egg whites, oats, and protein powder! And if you are gonna top them with something sweet, make sure you stick to organic whole fruits (i.e. berries, bananas, etc) or 100% Grade B Maple Syrup (NO Aunt Jemima’s or Mrs. Buttersworth! No! No! No!)