Sydney Aussie Muscle Man Hottie


Australia is indeed a beautiful place isn’t it?

We’ve never actually been there, but from what we’ve heard the scenery and the views are absolutely fantastic… in more ways than one…

Introducing yet another gorgeous Aussie Hottie, 28 year-old fitness trainer and underwear model “Jason B.” (We wonder what the ‘B’ stands for…. hehehe!)

As you can tell from a couple of these shots, working as both a personal trainer and practicing martial artist tends to result in a couple of perks… (Note the hotness effect just above ).

Jason has been modeling for 3 years now and it definitely shows .

These fantastic shots of Jason were taken by an outstanding Sydney photographer by the name of Simon Le.

Jason also appeared (as some of you might remember) as both a cover and feature model for DNA magazine back in 2007.

As always, just click the pix of Jason below to view the enlarged full-size images: