IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Con Demetriou’s Insulin Spiking Lemonade Recipe

Australian bodybuilder Con Demetriou is a genius in the gym… and also in the kitchen!

Just tried his lemonade recipe for an organic substitute to achieve the post-workout meal insulin spike that you need to transport protein into your muscles, and guess what…. IT’S DELICIOUS!

The natural molasses and minerals in the dark brown sugar definitely give this lemonade recipe a tasty kick with lots of YUM factor.

So if you’re ready to ditch the diet coke post-workout, give his recipe a try. It’s sooo easy to prepare… just like regular lemonade.

For those with acid reflux or GERD, it might be best to avoid drinking this concoction too close to bedtime.

Anyway, Con shows you how to make his lemonade recipe and also provides a few bodybuilding nutrition words of wisdom before eventually venturing down to a nearby coffee shop to scarf down some hot cocoa and ricotta chocolate cheesecake.

Enjoy the vid!