Fitness Model & Former Male Stripper Sean Cassidy

Now we don’t truly know whether Sean Cassidy, a jawbone-endowed model/stripper/actor from Vegas, is dumb or not (although his appearance on the VH1 reality show Stripsearch gave us an inkling).

But his look — that nonchalant California surfer dude, that careless beauty, that ‘gosh-was-I-drunk-last-night’ demeanor — lets us fantasize, at least, that he can’t put 2 and 2 together.

Before we get a lot of hateful comments, let us be clear: We have no clue why he’s hot, or why his inability to do simple mathematics makes him hotter.

Even so, this cocky muscle man has it all… or so it seems! As always, click the thumbnail pictures of Sean below to enlarge:

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