Does Masturbation Affect Your Ability to Gain Muscle Mass in the Gym?

We have been getting quiet a few emails from our visitors with questions…. and this is one that a few of you have asked us about. The answer to this question is: NO!!!!!

There is absolutely NO health risks involved with masturbation and in fact it is even beneficial, not to mention just being a whole lot of fun…. hehehe!

So don’t worry about it and whack away, whack away!!!!

But for those of you who need a little more information on this topic, here are some more details on the health benefits of masturbation:

1) Masturbation seems to be the best preventative care option for prostate cancer according to an Australian study led by Graham Giles of the Cancer Council Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. Reuters in London reports:

“Frequent masturbation, particularly in the 20s, helps prevent prostate cancer later in life, according to new research. Australian scientists have shown that the more men masturbate between the ages of 20 and 50, the less likely they are to develop the disease that kills more than half a million men each year.

They suspect that frequent ejaculation has a protective effect against the cancer because it prevents dangerous carcinogens from building up in the gland.

In a survey of 1,079 prostate cancer patients and 1,259 healthy men, Giles and his team discovered that men who ejaculated more than five times a week in their 20s were a third less likely to develop an aggressive form of the disease.”

2) Muscle tone is another subsidiary benefit of frequent masturbation. Brenda Love suggests that regular masturbation improves one’s ability to achieve orgasm by keeping the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle in tone. The PC muscle covers the genital region from the mons pubis to the anus, and is the muscle for which a physician named Arnold Kegel, developed the “Kegel exercise” to help intensifying or control orgasms. A person exercises this muscle by simply stopping and restarting the flow of their urine or through regular masturbation. An improvement of muscle tone and in orgasms through masturbation should be noticeable within a few weeks