Bubble Butted Bodybuilder Scott Hall Puckers Up For His GymJox Close-Up

Some of you Scott Hall muscle ass worship fans are ravenous fiends!

Ever since Scotty-boy revealed that he would soon be creating a muscle worship video focusing on him bending over in a skimpy thong we’ve been getting TONS of emails from many of our regular GymJox readers.

And for good reason!!!!

Scott and his loving hubby have been hard at work this past weekend creating the above video JUST FOR GYMJOX FANS!!!!

Aww, gee Scott… you shouldn’t have… you’re making us blush! We’re almost as pink as your muscle pucker…. HA!! LOL!

Anyway, enough joking around.

Watch the bodybuilder muscle bubblebutt worship video above and masturbate till you can’t masturbate no more!

Warning: NSFW!!!

Update: Scott & Doug just re-edited the above video and added some more hot footage that wasn’t in the earlier version… Watch the revisions in the video above… It’s even sexier now!!!!